Finally, a clear path to the body you've always wanted!

How can you feel more healthy and alive? For many people, the top answer to this question has to do with losing weight. Maybe a lot, maybe a little. Maybe you want to feel more energy, and you have a sense that dropping 10 pounds would put a spring in your step. Maybe you've been struggling to lose weight for many years, and you find that it keeps coming back.

I gradually put on weight over many years. It was never fast or dramatic, and I kept telling myself that I was a little pudgy, but it was no big deal. But I eventually I was avoiding looking at my belly in the mirror, and could no longer pretend that the readings over 200 on the morning scale were just a temporary phase. For a while, I didn't know what to do. My friends, family, and the culture had all told me how difficult weight loss could be, what a constant battle it was. I enjoyed food, and didn't want to have to be in a perpetual battle with myself over dessert.

But I found a solution that worked incredibly fast, and incredibly well. Today, my 6'3" frame is down to a slim and strong 177 pounds, and I maintain that weight easily. My daily caloric intake is not much different from what it was when I was 30 pounds heavier, and I continue to enjoy my favorite foods - even chocolate!

The solution that worked for me was the Body-Mind-Morphing protocol developed by Kutira Decosterd and the Kahua Institute. By combining a safe, effective, naturally occurring hormone with a very specific low calorie diet for just a few weeks, I shed 20 pounds and arrived at a new "set point" that has been easy to maintain. This shift in weight also liberated a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm for life. Suddenly exercise was something I was looking forward to, instead of having to drag myself to. It changed my relationship with my body in a permanent way. Instead of viewing my body as something tricky or something I'm stuck with, I have a deeply rooted sense that it's mine to shape or reshape as I wish. Since my first round of the Body-Mind-Morphing protocol in early 2011, I've used it twice more to fine-tune my body, and at 43 I'm leaner, stronger, and fitter than I've ever been in my life. Click here for pictures.

Reclaim your Body, Reclaim your Energy!

There is nothing I love more than bringing a life-changing transformation like this to others. I've become a coach with the Body-Mind-Morphing program, and would be delighted to work with you in making these kinds of changes in your body. Whether you have 150 pounds to lose, or just a stubborn 10 pounds that you can't seem to make go away, this protocol will make a clear and permanent difference in your body and your life.

For more information on the protocol, and the coaching support available to guide you through to a successful conclusion, contact me at 808-283-6320 or at apollograce.

To your very good health!